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We are happy to announce that we have completed development of what we believe to be the best top bar hive on the market, at the best price!  The hive is made of white pine and is approx 4 ft long.  It comes with a well-supported gabled rooftop that is covered in thick white aluminum.  It comes with a follower board - sometimes called a false-back that can help control the space the conlony is using.  It has a heavy duty professional screened bottom board that runs the entire length of the hive.  It also has a mite board that slides easily in the bottom.  This can assist in ventilation techniques as well as mite counts.  It comes with 14 brood top bars that are 19" x 1 3/8" thick that can be used in the brood area of the hive.  The remaining 14 bars are 19 x 1 5/8" and can be used as the honey production bars.

The hive is specifically dimensioned to allow interoperability with Langstroth Deep hive bodies.  This means you can pull a fully drawn bar from our TBH and place it in a deep Langstroth hive body.  you cannot pull a lang frame and place it in the TBH - wrong shape :).  We're confident you won't be able to find another top bar hive that is built this well and offers this many features anywhere else.  You can be assured that this is one of the best priced and highest quality top bar hives available!

Our new price for this year of $165 includes shipping and handing!  You can't beat this deal!

Please be aware that this is a very large (48x12x12) and heavy (50 lbs) box.  We do our best to package these up so they will arrive on your doorstep safely.  Unfortunately, sometimes the metal on the roof does get a little banged up by our shippers.  The roof metal is heavy but plyable.  You should be able to bend it back into shape.  We are looking into other packing solutions that will keep the price low and still protect the product.  The hive does not ship with any hardware (nails or staples).  The screened bottom board is completely assembled.  The sides and ends need to be attached to the bottom board, and the roof needs assembled.


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Top Bar Hive - Unassembled

Top Bar Hive comes unassembled
List Price: $225.00
Our Price: $165.00

If you want the satisfaction of assembling your own Top Bar Hive without the trial and error of designing one - this is the hive for you!  The hive comes broken down into the smaller segments to make shipping easier.  The screened bottom board will come assembled.  Top Bars will also come assembled unless you request otherwise.

The $165 price includes shipping and handling to anywhere in the continental US!

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Top Bar Hives (TBHs) are becoming increasingly popular in the United States.  One of the main reasons people buy TBHs from us is because they are looking for a more "natural" or "organic" approach to beekeeping.  If you have thumbed through a beekeeping catalog, you will see a lot of pages dedicated to chemical treatments.  Part of the philosophy behind TBHs is that the beekeeper is trying to achieve as natural environment as possible for the bees while still complying with beekeeping laws that require removable frames.  The true beauty of a TBH can best be seen when holding a top bar in your hands.  Unlike a Langstroth (or traditional) hive, you will see comb of various sizes all over the comb.  You will see drone bees laid where the bees want them.  You will see honey being placed where it works best for the bees.  You will see natural sized brood and honey comb.  It's beautiful!

I often get asked how much honey a TBH produces.  If you are keeping bees solely for the production of honey, I would recommend that you stick with a Langstroth hive.  Langstroth hives are designed to make lot of honey.  TBHs DO produce honey - and it's lovely stuff.  It's all natural comb - no chemical-filled foundation to worry about.  It's as good as it gets.  BUT - there is much less produced.  If you put a TBH in your backyard, you should be able to get enough honey for yourself.  On the other hand, a Langstroth may produce enough for you and still have plenty left over for friends and family.  I can't imagine any beekeeper not being more inspired and in awe of the bees handiwork than they would looking at a bar of comb from a TBH.

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